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welcome to dubble: an introduction

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So, we’re in the middle of a global pandemic, the UK has been in some form of (poorly managed) lockdown for about two months, and there’s no end in sight… perfect time to launch a new media platform. Right? 

Ok, but to be fair, the timing feels meaningful. Disability rights issues have risen to the forefront since COVID-19 first reared it’s ugly, endlessly multiplying head earlier this year. First, it was ‘only the vulnerable will die.’ Then we saw how easily the things we’ve been fighting for for years – online classes, work from home – were all made possible overnight. Now lockdown is loosening (stay safe pals), we are a forgotten group, with no mention of when the high-risk and immunocompromised can stop shielding.

BUT, dubble is not about coronavirus, though no doubt it’ll remain an unavoidable topic for the foreseeable future. It’s about the disabled, the chronically ill, the mentally ill, the anything but able-bodied. We want to build a community here, to educate, and we want to fight the good fight against ableism.

Diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease aged 7, with depression arriving a few years later, my only understanding of life is through a disabled lens. I want to build the community I didn’t have growing up and bring together the community I’ve since found on social media and within my friendships, all into one place. 

We will be covering topics surrounding life, work, dating, sex, art, fashion, money, parenting, school, and everything in between, with a focus on lived experiences. We are also still very much open to new submissions from writers and artists, and in need of editors! It’s hard to find accurate data on the current journalistic landscape when it comes to disabled people, but it isn’t looking good, nor is it changing as rapidly as it should be. All contributors for dubble will have direct experience with disability or illness, to actively remedy this imbalance.

Please contact us if you have any questions, comments, or ideas – we’d love to hear from you! Read more about us on our about page, and finally, you can find us on all social networks to keep up with the newest posts and extra content. 

There are big things to come, and I can’t wait. Thank you for being here. 

All my love,


P.S. Today, dubble’s launch day is also World IBD Day. Donations are down 60% as all fundraising events have, of course, been cancelled. If anything you read today frustrates you and makes you want to change things, check out their website and donate if you can.

About Author

Emily Simmons (she/her) is the founder and editor of dubble. She writes about chronic illness and all that comes with it, with a background in film and visual arts.