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Odd Angles

Audio: Read by the author

I exist at slightly odd angles
And so, sometimes the door is not wide enough
For me to go through.

I could get about halfway in, I suppose
But what would be the point of leaving
The rest of me behind?

If I get on my belly and wriggle
(this will take a while, you’d best sit down)
I guess I could make my way out

But to be honest, it’s hard to muster the will
To push myself into uncomfortable shapes
Just to be in a place that was never built for me and my twisting, jutting body.

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About Author

Samir (he/him) lives in North Carolina, USA with a bright green wheelchair and a little black dog. When he's not writing for dubble, he edits for the narrative justice organisation Pollen and literary magazine Decolonial Passage.