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Read by the author.
Yellow reminds me
of days less sick,
until my skin

burns, orifices
stream like
party poppers

arching tulips lean
towards me from the
bedside table before

being moved to 
the living room
to live without

judgement, lining
the carpet like
an aisle, I

rub magenta
in my hands so
I can feel the

colour as it drips 
from the stem, some 
more paper than

wax, cutting off
heads for a second
chance, unfolding 

on the tea tray
like reverse origami
petals a stigma

for all that is 
About Author

Charlotte (she/her) is a poet, bookseller, and workshop facilitator living with chronic illness. After her creative writing degree, she became the events coordinator at Scarthin Books. She is also a poetry facilitator for Derbyshire Writing School and her collection 'Metamorphosis' with Verve Poetry Press explores abuse, mental health and recovery.