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courage conspires with ravenous growls
in the pit below my lungs
external cushion disguising
the primitive pangs
paining each breath
and all breaths are my thoughts.
consumption consumes my cranium
battling with bravery
each stepping stone on the hazy horizon
oceans apart, the gap infinite
reflecting illusionary whirls
in the eyes that feed me
or don’t.
its waves mirroring the motion
in my stomach
sickness stirring
harbouring enemies and anemones
leeching my body dry
while welcoming pitying parasites
teething off my turmoil
I need a stone of courage
to neutralise the acid,
the toxins,
turning in my stomach,
one I can throw,
and catch on the other side.

A colourful collage of various shapes of yellow and white, that look like sand, and various pittures of sea creatures and anenomes.
Image by Imogen Andrews.

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About Author

Thena lives in London and works in film and theatre production. Writing poetry creates a space of safety for her; she draws upon her own personal experiences exploring themes of identity, sexuality, heartbreak, mental health and womanhood.