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It is not enough to not be racist, you must be actively anti racist.

Angela davis

Please find the Anti-Racism Resources page here.

People are taking to the streets this week to protest the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Tony McDade, and for all Black lives lost and affected by racism.

As a white editor of a small but growing platform dedicated to advocating for and sharing the perspectives of disabled people, I will always aim to use this privilege to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

We have created a new page that will remain on our website permanently, a list of articles, books, films, and more, intended to serve as a resource for white people to stay educated, informed, and engaged anti-racists. It is by no means comprehensive, but will be updated regularly.

Since dubble only launched a couple of weeks ago, we were also in the process of setting up a page for disabled and anti-ableist resources. This is still coming! It just didn’t feel right to ignore this.

As a platform run by disabled people, for disabled people, we also understand the frustrations this community faces at being unable to participate in protests due to the current situation and risks associated with COVID-19. (Disabled people can and have always been at the forefront of protests throughout history). While this is frustrating, it is important you stay safe and home if you are in this high-risk group, and remember that there are so many ways we can still help – whatever the reason you cannot attend! Amplify Black voices, give money to Black organisations, learn and share information, speak to your family and friends, and always speak up when you witness injustices.

Please find the Anti-Racism Resources page here.

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Emily Simmons (she/her) is the founder and editor of dubble. She writes about chronic illness and all that comes with it, with a background in film and visual arts.