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All at Sea

Audio: Read by the author.
I cannot see the ocean's end
Though I squint into the sun and -muscles
aching - 
Search 'til time has run away
And my shadows lay before me.
The waves beneath
Firm, gentle, rolling
Whatever they may be
Break my eye from that fixed point
Which I glimpse from time to time and then
Lose again once more.
The best days are when I just give in
And rest    resting
My head, my heart
Lay back beneath the endless sky- sea- sky
And think of nothing at all
For the seconds that I can
Watch arcs of birds break up the blue
Whatever it may be.
The birds, they know
They see the end
Know whether to swim or fly or dive
To get caught on the wind and whisked away
Or plunge into their depths
Chasing a glimmer of life
That we on the water cannot see.
I cannot see the ocean's end
Nor rock nor land nor tree
It's just the sky and birds out here
At least the birds are free.
About Author

Emily Layton (she/her) is a London-based writer, poet and filmmaker, who is passionate about exploring the complex relationships between motherhood, mental health and identity in her work.