6 Sex & Relationship Instagram Accounts to Follow this Valentine’s Day

Audio: read by Samir Knego

It’s Valentine’s Day this month and we at dubble want to spotlight some of the incredible disabled influencers advocating for the inclusion of disabled experiences in conversations about sex and relationships. Despite often being portrayed as sexless beings, disabled people thrive in sexual and romantic relationships and these are just a few of the creators highlighting this.

1. Erin Clark

Erin, originally from Canada, is a multi-talented disabled icon whose work encompasses film, non-fiction and fiction writing and self-portraiture. She is a world champion pole dancer and, most recently, has become a paragliding pilot. Clark is also the creator of How To Be A Sex Icon and works hard to challenge the societal belief that disabled people are not sexual beings.
ID: Erin, a white woman with orange hair, pole dancing. Her manual wheelchair is in the foreground and she has a focused look on her face.

2. Eva Sweeney

Eva is a writer, sex educator and contributor for Salty and Scarleteen demystifying disabled sexuality by providing comprehensive educational resources, workshops and classes for disabled people.
ID: a text post that reads “For those of us who need personal care, how much do you let your partner (or future partner) help with your care as well?” in white text on a blue background.

3. Tobi Green Adenowo

Tobi is a wheelchair dancer and advocate for disabled people everywhere. She covers a wide range of topics including disabled sexuality and relationships.
ID: Tobi, a black woman with brown braids, sits in her purple manual wheelchair wearing a sparkly leotard and holding a bi pride flag.

4. Shane Burcaw

Shane is a YouTuber and advocate whose content covers all things disability, including sex and the ins and outs of being in a relationship with a non-disabled partner. His videos often confront the constant stream of ableist comments he and his partner Hannah deal with on a daily basis.
ID: Shane, a white man with brown hair and Hannah, a white woman with blonde hair, sit in a pool. Hannah has her arm around Shane and they both smile at the camera and squint slightly from the sun.

5. Saira B

Saira B is a nonbinary trans cane user who uses Instagram to show that being disabled is sexy as hell.
ID: Saira, a black person with black hair, poses outdoors in black underwear. They hold their cane in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

6. Briana Mills

Briana is a muscular dystrophy educator, disability rights activist, and an associate marriage and family therapist who uses her platform to discuss disability, relationships, sex and her love for Disney.
ID: Briana, a white woman with brown hair, sits in her power chair wearing a red and white polka dot blouse.

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Hannah Shewan Stevens (she/her) is an NCTJ-accredited journalist, press representative and TV researcher based in Birmingham. Her work primarily focuses on physical and mental health, disability issues, sex and relationships, and opinion writing. Most recently, she completed an accreditation in delivering Relationships and Sex Education and is working on a non-fiction book.