5 Instagram Accounts to Follow this Mental Health Awareness Week: Corona Edition

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It’s mental health awareness week and so I thought it was only right to share some of my favourite instagram accounts who talk all things higher self and self-help. As this year we’re in a uniquely difficult time for staying happy and well, all of these accounts have also been particularly on it when it comes to navigating the emotions that come with the pandemic and lockdown.

1. Bunny Michael

An incredible queer writer, artist, and musician – Bunny’s higher self memes aim at increasing self love through exploring the multiplicities within the self. What would higher self do?

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2. Whats Wrong with MollyMargaret

Molly-Margaret is the internet’s big sister (in a not at all cheesy way.) Her text templates and story highlights have so much valuable information concerning mental health, sexual health, dating, queerness, disability, and loaaads more. Her lockdown content has been grounding af, and her always funny and endlessly kind presence will make your insta feed a lovely place to be.

(Account now deleted)

3. Inner Play

Founded by the wonderful Lenéa Sims, Inner Play is a safe haven dedicated to personal growth through fun and play. Members only coaching is available, but the instagram page alone holds so so much wisdom and joy – beautiful, positive reminders to look after your inner child and focus on what feels good.

4. Mind

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Mind, but when it comes to mental health resources this is the place to go. They’ve shared a lot of helpful info about staying well in lockdown too that is definitely worth checking out!

5. James FrancisWhat do I do with my hands?

James – ‘CEO of intentional reality’ – started this newsletter back in March just after lockdown began and it has helped with my anxiety SO MUCH. What do I do with my hands? explores control and how to exercise it, in a time where everything feels a lil turbulent. Some posts include helpful affirmations, some involve visualisation – all written beautifully and surrounded by pretty pastels.

This one actually inspired me so much that I named my lockdown playlist after it – if you’re in need of any new music, check that out too here.

Edited 30th September 2020: What’s Wrong with Molly Margaret deleted account.

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